City of Dover Idaho

This website has been built using the Drupal content management system and has been recognized by Interactive Media Awards as an outstanding achievement in the government category. Working with the Dover city council to design, build and implement was a pleasure and learning the inter-workings of city government was a chance to give back to the community. This site has been donated.

The process of building this website consisted of wireframing, designing, building, content insertion and testing. During the wireframing stage all pages of the site were defined and a click-able outline of the website was constructed. This allowed the overall size of the site to be determined, website url structure and allowed the client to understand what content needed to be written.

The design process came next where websites were reviewed to synchronize the design concept between the client and Burge Web Consulting. Once the overall concept was agreed upon the site was designed. Following the design came the physical building and the insertion of content written by the city. After the building the content was inserted and numerous tests were done to ensure the accuracy of the content and work out any system bugs. To complete this building process, training sessions were held on the content management system and setting up email accounts for city employees.

I want to thank the City of Dover Idaho for their involvement in the learning process and involvement in the entire process. This is no longer the official website for the city but the project was a huge success and has served as the basis of their online presence.

Interactive Media Awards - Dover Idaho Website