Two Lakes Catering LLC

Two Lakes Catering website project was a great experience. Learning more about the catering business was an eye opener. Working with Two Lakes to develop a Drupal 7 website that focused on food was a really fun project. and being required to help test their amazing food was a bonus I never thought I would partake in.

The process of building this website consisted of creating a click-able outline of the website and then having Two Lakes Catering click through the layout and approve of the proposed site.
During the design, many different websites were reviewed and discussed to synchronize the design concept between the client and Burge Web Consulting. Once the overall concept was agreed upon the site was designed.

Following the design came the physical building and the insertion of content. To complete the building process, training sessions were held on the content management system and setting up email accounts for employees. I want to thank Two Lakes Catering for their involvement in the learning process and involvement in the entire project.

Two Lakes Catering Company, screen shot of website